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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Oct 6, 2011 6:16am
Forum: noisecollector Subject: Dear Rachel Maddow

I hate to admit that I watched you last night and I find it amusing how you were able to keep a straight face when discussing the protesters on Wall St but thought it was a big racist joke while we were speaking out about bailing out big banks and rewarding crooks on wall street for failure, remember any of that?

Hypocrites are calling "occupy wall street" the tea party of the left.... funny I don't remember closing bridges, fighting police officers, unions busing in people... maybe I was at the wrong party. At least I can take the klan hood off now that it's hip to be against the corrupt banking system.

So then someone at work tried to deflect and say that they are protesting the lack of regulation, which after having sat through a lecture on the creation of the SEC last night was absurd. Have any of these people ever sat through a macro economics class or history class?

We also discussed the NLRB and I got to tell a great story about how the teamsters hung a giant rat balloon over a building I was trying to earn a living at. They drove in at 5am and took all the parking spots from us to picket, spit, threaten, and slash tires. The kicker is they were getting paid more to stand out there and be mafia thugs than I was making busting my ass inside, and I'm the asshole?

Fuck unions, fuck MSNBC.... I can't wait till this precious socialist utopian fantasy comes crashing down and the people who are against guns, against hunting, against growing your own food, against making you own money are all left standing in the middle of cities where the criminals, cartels, child molesters, and gang bangers that they love to look out for turn them into mince meat.

Don't come knocking on my door for help. You had plenty of warning and that day will come, there is no doubt about it.